PHP 7.0.13 正式发布,多项内容修复

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PHP 7.0.13 正式发布了。

PHP(PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor)是一种在电脑上执行的脚本语言,主要是用途在于处理动态网页,也包含了命令列执行接口(command line interface),或者产生图形使用者接口(GUI)程式。下载地址:



10 Nov 2016 PHP 7.0.13

- Core:

  . Fixed bug #73350 (Exception::__toString() cause circular references). (Laruence)

  . Fixed bug #73181 (parse_str() without a second argument leads to crash). (Nikita)

  . Fixed bug #66773 (Autoload with Opcache allows importing conflicting class name to namespace). (Nikita)

  . Fixed bug #66862 ((Sub-)Namespaces unexpected behaviour). (Nikita)

  . Fix pthreads detection when cross-compiling (ffontaine)

  . Fixed bug #73337 (try/catch not working with two exceptions inside a same operation). (Dmitry)

  . Fixed bug #73338 (Exception thrown from error handler causes valgrind warnings (and crashes)). (Bob, Dmitry)

  . Fixed bug #73329 ((Float)"Nano" == NAN). (Anatol)

- GD:

  . Fixed bug #73213 (Integer overflow in imageline() with antialiasing). (cmb)

  . Fixed bug #73272 (imagescale() is not affected by, but affects imagesetinterpolation()). (cmb)

  . Fixed bug #73279 (Integer overflow in gdImageScaleBilinearPalette()). (cmb)

  . Fixed bug #73280 (Stack Buffer Overflow in GD dynamicGetbuf). (cmb)

  . Fixed bug #72482 (Ilegal write/read access caused by gdImageAALine overflow). (cmb)

  . Fixed bug #72696 (imagefilltoborder stackoverflow on truecolor images). (cmb)


  . Fixed bug #73418 (Integer Overflow in "_php_imap_mail" leads to crash). (Anatol)

- OCI8

  . Fixed bug #71148 (Bind reference overwritten on PHP 7). (Oracle Corp.)

- phpdbg:

  . Properly allow for stdin input from a file. (Bob)

  . Add -s command line option / stdin command for reading script from stdin. (Bob)

  . Ignore non-executable opcodes in line mode of phpdbg_end_oplog(). (Bob)

  . Fixed bug #70776 (Simple SIGINT does not have any effect with -rr). (Bob)

  . Fixed bug #71234 (INI files are loaded even invoked as -n --version). (Bob)

- Session:

  . Fixed bug #73273 (session_unset() empties values from all variables in which is $_session stored). (Nikita)


  . Fixed bug #73037 (SoapServer reports Bad Request when gzipped). (Anatol)

  . Fixed bug #73237 (Nested object in "any" element overwrites other fields). (Keith Smiley)

  . Fixed bug #69137 (Peer verification fails when using a proxy with SoapClient) (Keith Smiley)

- SQLite3:

  . Fixed bug #73333 (2147483647 is fetched as string). (cmb)

- Standard:

  . Fixed bug #73203 (passing additional_parameters causes mail to fail). (cmb)

  . Fixed bug #71241 (array_replace_recursive sometimes mutates its parameters). (adsr)

  . Fixed bug #73192 (parse_url return wrong hostname). (Nikita)

- Wddx:

  . Fixed bug #73331 (NULL Pointer Dereference in WDDX Packet Deserialization with PDORow). (Stas)




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