Fatal Error Base address marks unusable memory region

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错误提示: Fatal Error Base address marks unusable memory region.

解决方案:参阅php手册 http://php.net/manual/zh/opcache.configuration.php

When using PHP on a windows platform and enabling opcache, you might run into occasional 500 errors. These will appear to show up entirely random.

When this happens, your windows Event log (Windows Logs/Application) will show (probably multiple)  entries from Zend OPcache with Event ID 487. Further information will state the following error message: "Base address marks unusable memory region".

This issue can be resolved by adding the following to your php.ini:

    opcache.mmap_base = 0x20000000

Unfortunately I do not know the significance of the value "0x20000000". I can only tell you that this value works to solve the problem (Tried and tested)

在Windows平台上使用PHP并启用opcache时,可能会偶尔遇到Base address marks unusable memory region.

把 opcache.mmap_base的值修改为 0x20000000




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